Why should I choose Heritage Square Townhomes?

Heritage Square Townhomes is a unique development in downtown Muskegon. The unique architectural style; the private, outdoor recreational opportunities; the live/work concept; the significant tax benefits of living and working within the City’s Renaissance Zone; the convenient accessibility to all the downtown cultural and community events;proximity to Muskegon Lake and Lake Michigan; and the excitement of living at the heart of our developing downtown are just a few of the many reasons for choosing Heritage Square.

Am I limited to the 5 floor plans that are shown on the web site?

We have four basic floor plans to choose from, which offer a wide range of options and prices for the educated buyer. However, we also offer a high level of modifications within those plans allowing a home-buyer to customize and personalize their home within the design guidelines of the overall development. The corner buildings will offer upper level residences above street level office/retail space. Thus providing further live/work opportunities . The designs for the street level spaces are also open for customizing .

Is a condo or townhome the right choice for me?

People interested in the benefits Heritage Square provides are at a stage in their lives where a condo affords them the freedom to do all the things they value.

Are these townhomes in the downtown area a sound investment?

In the last several years there has been over $200 million in improvements invested in downtown Muskegon. This should bode well for people willing to invest now in downtown real estate. Also, the Renaissance Zone tax savings and other incentives available to the developer serve to make the cost of purchasing and maintaining a home in Heritage Square very affordable. This, too, should help to make an investment in Heritage Square a sound investment.

What is a “Renaissance Zone?

A Renaissance Zone is essentially a tax-free zone, defined geographically, created and sanctioned by the State of Michigan and the City of Muskegon. It is one of the ‘tools’ in the State’s ‘toolbox’ used to encourage development and strengthen the urban core of our cities. Learn more about Renaissance Zones by going to the State’s web site or the City of Muskegon’s web site.

What are the Condominium Association dues?

Condominium Association dues are monthly fees assessed to home-owners to maintain the general common elements within the development. The dues cover expenses like exterior maintenance, snow plowing, landscape maintenance, utility costs, insurance, etc. The Condo Association is governed by a board of residents elected by property owners within the development. Condo dues vary from under $100 to $160 per month depending on the model purchased.

Will there be adequate parking?

We have met the City of Muskegon’s requirements regarding parking for this development. Each model (except the Models #4 & #5) comes with its own indoor parking. Additional parking is available on site in designated areas and also on the street in accordance with the City’s parking overlay district and ordinances.

What does downtown Muskegon have to offer me?

The City of Muskegon is host to over 1.5 million visitors each year. They come for the richness and diversity of events and destinations we offer including Art in the Park,various music festivals including Unity Christian Music Festival & Irish Music Festival, the Frauenthal Center for the Performing Arts, LC Walker Arena, Bike Time, the Muskegon Museum of Art, the West Shore Symphony, the Lakeshore Museum and many other attractions. Recreational activities like our nationally-recognized clean beaches, fishing and boating or bike trails are literally at our front door. More information can be found at the Muskegon County Convention and Visitors Bureau web site, the Muskegon Mainstreet web site, the Muskegon Area Chamber of Commerce’s web site and the City of Muskegon’s web site.

What is the process I need to follow if I want to buy?

You should contact Mary Jamieson of J. Nedeau Realtor, Inc. at 231-744-6219 or 231-557-9803 or email Mary@NedeauRealtor.com for more information and to schedule a private tour of one of the townhomes.